EPC Petts Wood

EPC Petts Wood

Energy Performance Certificates in Petts Wood

If you own a property in Petts Wood that you are looking to sell or rent out, you will need to ensure it has a valid domestic EPC in place.

As a small company based in the London Borough of Bromley, that’s what we do! We are a friendly local company and not part of a franchise.

If you want an EPC in Petts Wood then please call us on 07709 304251, send an email to assessor@epcbromley.co.uk or fill in the contact form below.

    EPC Petts Wood – Renting out in Petts Wood

    If you are a landlord or letting agent then you have plenty to remember when it comes to renting out a property. Making sure that a valid EPC is in place at the property is one of them.

    Not only is it a legal requirement to have a valid EPC in place on a rental property, but as of 2018 all property must reach an ‘E’ standard for new leases.

    We also offer a one-stop-shop for other rental needs. These include LRAs and Inventories. At month end we can provide one bill to cover everything.

    EPC Petts Wood – Selling your property in Petts Wood

    An EPC lasts for ten years, so it is often something that is easily forgotten in the chaos of a house move.

    Don’t forget, it could be your responsibility to acquire an EPC, especially if you’re using an on-line estate agent. We can also help with providing Floor Plans if this is something your agent doesn’t provide.

    Using a local company

    • Local housing knowledge.
    • Single point of contact from booking to assessment to invoicing and certification.
    • Simple pricing.
    • Fully qualified and insured.
    • Quick turnaround when you need it.

    If you require any of our services please call us on 07709 304251, email us on assessor@epcbromley.co.uk, fill in the contact form above or click on the relevant link below.