Retrofit Assessment

What is a Retrofit Assessment?

A Retrofit Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a property that includes the following components:

• An assessment of the property’s occupancy status.
• An analysis of the property’s energy usage and efficiency.
• An examination of the property’s overall condition.

These components provide the necessary information for a Retrofit Coordinator to create a Medium-Term Improvement Plan for a residential property.

The assessment will cover:

• An evaluation of the property’s historical significance, architectural features, structural integrity, construction quality, and the condition of its building services (such as ventilation, heating, hot water, and lighting systems), to determine its potential for enhancements.
• Identification of any restrictions set by the local planning authorities, which may include planning permissions, heritage listings, conservation area limitations, tree preservation orders, etc.
• Detection of any existing construction or structural issues, leaks, condensation, or mould problems within the property.
• Identification of any existing or planned energy efficiency improvements.
• A detailed measurement survey to ascertain the dimensions of the property’s heat loss perimeters, including basements and attics, as well as the size of all structural elements and openings for windows and doors.
• An in-depth look at the property’s construction to assess the thermal and moisture properties of its main components, such as floors, walls, and roofs, and evaluate its suitability for upgrades.
• A review of the existing building services, including the systems for ventilation, heating, hot water, and lighting, along with their controls.

Upon completion, the Retrofit Assessment will be used by a Retrofit Coordinator to devise strategies for the property’s improvement.

Retrofit Assessment Bromley

Who are Retrofit Assessors?

Retrofit Assessors are key figures in the PAS 2035 framework, tasked with gathering and supplying data about properties.

Before a home undergoes any energy retrofitting, it must be evaluated by a Retrofit Assessor. Their primary responsibility is to furnish the Retrofit Coordinator with details about the home.

A Retrofit Assessor is an individual who has undergone training and obtained certification in line with PAS 2035 standards, and they must be accredited by a recognised Retrofit Assessor Scheme.

EPC Bromley are part of the Elmhurst Energy Certification Scheme and are TRUSTMARK registered.

If you require a Retrofit Assessor in Bromley, Orpington, Beckenham or anywhere else in the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas, give us a call.

For an introduction to Retrofiting Your Home, follow the link to the Trustmark web-site.