Domestic EPC

  • EPC – Small Property – Properties with up to 3 habitable rooms – £50
  • EPC – Medium Property – Properties with up to 6 habitable rooms – £55
  • EPC – Large Property – £5 supplement for each habitable room after 6

Habitable room – Bedroom, lounge, dining room, office, dressing room, kitchen with seating etc. Not bathrooms, WCs, utility rooms, hallways or small kitchens.


Extensions – £5 each.

An extension is defined as an addition to the original internal floor plan. These would include, front, rear, side extensions; garage conversions, loft conversions and conservatories.

Legionella Risk Assessment

  • Domestic or Commercial Properties with maximum of 2 wet rooms – £45
  • Supplement for each additional wet room – £5

A wet room is defined as any room containing a sink, bath, shower or toilet. A property with one kitchen and one bathroom would cost £45. A property with a kitchen, bathroom, utility room and separate WC would cost £55.

Professional Floor Plans

  • Floor plans for properties with maximum of 6 habitable rooms – £50
  • Supplement per habitable for larger properties – £5
  • Supplement per extension – £5

If a floor plan is ordered to be completed at the same time as an EPC, then a 50% discount will apply.

Retrofit Assessment

A Retrofit Assessment costs between £120 and £200, depending on the size of the property, or the number of properties required to be assessed.

Energy Report

Including verbal consultation and written report detailing the energy saving possibilities for a domestic property.

  • Properties with up to 2 bedrooms – £75
  • Properties with up to 4 bedrooms – £100
  • Supplement for larger properties – £5 per bedroom