EPC Chislehurst

EPC Chislehurst

Energy Performance Certificates in Chislehurst

Whether you’re a landlord, lettings agent or homeowner in Chislehurst we can help you if you’re trying to get an EPC for your property.  

You need an EPC in Chislehurst if you are thinking about selling or letting out your property.  Call us on 07709 304251 to book in your assessment.  Alternatively fill in your details below and we’ll get back to you.

    EPC Chislehurst – Residential EPCs

    Your EPC is valid for 10 years regardless of any changes you may make to the property.  If you plan to rent out or to sell your property you must have an EPC in place.  In fact, if you are renting it out the property must achieve an ‘E’ rating as a minimum.  See MEES for more details.

    EPC Chislehurst – Landlord EPCs

    We are a small local company, not a franchise, with one point of contact for booking, assessment and billing.  As well as EPCs we also provide other services such as, Legionella Risk Assessments, Inventories and Floor plans.  All can be completed in a single day with one bill.

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    • Simple pricing system
    • Quick turnaround from booking to assessment to lodgement
    • Fully insured, trained and accredited assessor
    • One point of contact throughout.

    EPC Bromley not only provides EPC in Chislehurst, but in all towns in the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas.

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