EPC Crystal Palace

EPC Crystal Palace

Energy Performance Certificates in Crystal Palace

You require an EPC if you intend to rent out or sell a property.  Once lodged an EPC lasts for 10 years.

If you’re a landlord, homeowner or estate/lettings agent, give us a call on 07709 304251 if you require an EPC in Beckenham.  Alternatively, please fill in the following form and we’ll call you back.

    EPC Crystal Palace – EPCs for Landlords

    As a small, local company we provide one point of contact for booking, surveying and invoicing.  We also provide other services for landlords such as Legionella Risk Assessments, Floor plans and Inventories.  A one-stop shop for renting out a property at reasonable prices.

    We can even help on questions concerning MEES.

    EPC Crystal Palace – EPCs for Homeowners

    If you are going to sell your property or plan to rent it out, then you need to ensure you have a valid EPC in place.  For renting, that EPC needs to attain a certain score too.

    If you are using an on-line estate agent, not only might you have to sort your own EPC, but you may have to sort your own Floor plan too.  We can help with that.

    EPC Bromley provides services across the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas.